Mystery Dinner Theater

Join us in the Riverwatch Grand Ballroom
on Sunday, October 30, 2022

for Mystery of the Lost Treasure

by Greg Simpson

Doors Open & Seating Starts at 5:00pm, Show Starts at 6:00pm

featuring Live Entertainment by Mystery For Hire

Reservations Are Required

Price: $65.00

All prices are inclusive of buffet dinner service featuring a plated salad (Mixed Greens with cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes with a Honey-Lime dressing) upon arrival, multiple entrée selections* (Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Grille Caribbean Pork loin), sides (West Indian Style Green Beans, Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas) and dessert along with one (1) beverage ticket valid for beer, wine or a non-alcoholic beverage, 8% tax and 25% service charge

*Please Note Any Allergies or Dietary Restrictions within the Reservation Booking Form

^Rescheduled to October 30 from originally scheduled date of October 7

The ale is free flowing as a crew of motely pirates gather to fight over buried treasure. But which one can you trust? Wear your favorite pirate outfit (optional) as you quench your thirst on a specialty beverage and dine on the Hilton Garden Inn’s buffet while being entertained by a professional mystery theater troupe including Greg Simpson, Kathleen Nation, Nic Dufault, CarlaRose Dubois, Dan Marois and Sara Poulin .

Captain John Patrick Xavier O’Doule is an aging pirate who has been sailing the coast of the new world and has come upon a map that shows the location of the wreck of a king’s ship. The ship is laden with gold, jewels other plunder destined for England when it sank in a hurricane. This could be the final score he needs to retire and give up the pirate life. O’Doule allegedly murdered the man who had the map and has been searching for the treasure since he got it. His problem is that, shortly after he got the map, he lost his ship in a poker game, so he needs the help of another captain and crew to locate and recover the bounty. He has called a meeting of the 4 most notorious pirates and their crews to find someone to work with him and lend him their ship and crew. None of them trust each other but have a common goal to try and either make the uneasy partnership or steal the map.

... The Players ...

Captain John Patrick Xavier O’Doule, the notorious Irish pirate and former captain of the Screaming Banshee

Captain Frances Ethel Gumm, the singing pirate and captain of the “Melody”

Captain Archibald “Hawkeye” Leech, the crusty captain of the “The Black Gull”

Captain Henri Lafete’, the Fancy Pants Pirate who is captain of the “Reine Hurlante” aka the Howling Queen

Captain Molly Windsor Black, referred to as Captain Cutthroat and the captain of the “Scorned Maiden”